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Learn about the people that make this process possible.


We strive to be the most recognized and preferred source of employment for
outsourcing and offshoring solutions in the Philippines as we continuously
aim to deliver the best to our customers.


We are devoted to providing you top quality outsourced employees from the
Philippines and around the world to help you foster and maintain your
company. Our commitment is to contribute growth with the use of smart and
flexible offshoring solutions for your business.

Our values and morales

Our values serve as a reflection on how we provide services to our clients, by which we practice honesty, social care, professionalism, and credibility.


We pledged only on what we can deliver and we deliver by every word we commit. Our business is built-on honesty and word of honor instill in our core.

Social Care

We believe in caring for our people and the services and support that we obtain from them deserves a give back to the community.


In hiring the right employees, we train them to not only do their jobs well but to have a collection of traits that we want to put together to make up as exceptional employees at work and at home.


We want to be the trusted platform of professionals and our aim is to be on top. We know that when there is trust, there is a growing and sustainable relationship.
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Daniel Parker


Jiawen Parker


Cynthia Espiritu

Customer Advocate

Gisselle Adriano

Success Manager

Allan Lowie Tesoro


Josh Stansfield

Vice President of Sales

Daniel Cusack

Account Executive

Jazminne Feliciano

Account Executive

Jay Camarao

Director of Recruiting

Regina Tolentino

Recruiting Manager

Sarah Jane Barredo

Associate Recruiter

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